2010 Presidential Travels
Marika Reiner


2009 I was elected as President of the Portland Rose Society.

In October I was at our Membership Meeting I was installed. I was Honored and excited, and was looking forward to the next 12 months. I was told some of my duties. Conducting the Board meetings and the membership meetings. To represent the Portland Rose Society at various events. Rose plantings with the Rosaria’s and the Parade’s with the Rose festival.

Some of Past President’s kept telling how much fun I will have.

Nobody told me exactly what will be like. 

Now a year later, after attending all the exciting events taking over 1000 pictures.

I was always thinking about how can I share that with all the members, I always wished all of you would be with me. 

After talking with our WebMaster – Donnie Wright – who is also a past President and with the Board approval decided in the next few months we will put some of my pictures on the website, with some narration of the events. This way we could share it with all of you. If it's a success it could be done every year so you all could share some of the event of the Presidents travel.

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