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Gold Award Winners


2019 Wedding Bells, Crescendo

2018 Happy Go Lucky, Good As Gold

2017 Desmond Tutu, Sunny Sky

2016 Sunshine Daydream

2015 Walking on Sunshine; Sparkle & Shine; White Licorice

2014 Sugar Moon

2013  Over the Moon

2012  Whisper HT; Grande Amore HT

2011  About Face Gr; Dream Come True Gr

2010  Preference F; Strike It Rich Gr

2009  Let Freedom Ring HT; Wild Blue Yonder Gr; Moon Dance F

2008  Julia Child F; Centennial Star HT

2007  Firefighter HT; Lady Elsie May Sh

2006  Marilyn Monroe HT

2005  Day Breaker F

2004  John Cabot Cl; Octoberfest Gr

2003  Opening Night  HT; Gemini HT; Knock Out Sh

2002  Gift of Life HT; Blueberry Hill F

2001  Easy Going F; Sunset Celebration HT; Betty Boop F

2000  Karen Blixen HT; Reba McEntire Gf

1999  Artistry HT

1997  Secret; Livin’ Easy F; Savoy Hotel HT

1996  Elina; New Zealand

1995  Tabris F

1994  Sheer Elegance

1993  Sally Holmes

1992  Prima Donna Gr

1991  Maid of Honor HT

1990  Sexy Rexy F

1989  Class Act F; Playboy F

1988  Touch of Class HT; Las Vegas HT

1987  Keepsake HT

1986  Sun Flare F; The Sun F; Tony Jacklin F

1985  Olympiad HT

1984  French Lace F; Viva F

1982  Matangi F

1981  Silver Jubilee HT; Trumpeter F

1980  Bobby Charlton HT; Love Gr

1979  Liverpool Echo F; Paradise HT; Pristine HT

1978  Razzle-Dazzle F; Honor HT

1977  Evening Star F; Princess Margaret of England HT

1976  Charisma F

1975  Prominent Gr; Handel LCl

1974  Cathedral F

1973  Electron HT

1972  Medallion HT

1971  Dortmund K; Sparrieshoop S; Molly McGredy F; Paloma HT

1970  Europeana F; Ice White F; Irish Gold HT; Red Devil HT

1969  Redgold F

1968  Lady X HT

1967  Bewitched HT; Pascali HT

1966  Summer Rainbow HT; MS All-American Beauty HT; Fragrant Cloud HT

1965  Mischief HT; Orangeade F

1964  Matterhorn HT; Wendy Cussons HT; Silver Lining HT

1962  My Choice HT; Chicago Peace HT

1961  Royal Highness HT; Tropicana HT

1960  Golden Slippers F; Memoriam HT; Royal Sunset LCl

1959  El Capitan Gr; Angel Wings HT; Pink Parfait Gr

1958  Kordes Perfecta HT; Little Darling F; Sarabande F

1957  Audie Murphy HT; Burnaby HT; Golden Showers LCl; Pink Favorite HT; Montezuma Gr

1956  Special Award to Mrs. Sam McGredy HT and Mc Gredy’s Yellow HT

1955  Ena Harkness HT; Carrousel Gr; Spartan F

1954  Queen Elizabeth Gr; Tiffany HT

1953  Independence F

1951  Chrysler Imperial HT

1950  Vogue F

1949  Fashion HT

1947  Forty Niner HT

1946  Sutter’s Gold HT

1945  Rubaiyat HT

1944  Lowell Thomas HT; Peace HT

1942  Fred Edmunds HT; Pinocchio F

1941  Charlotte Armstrong HT; Heart’s Desire HT; Dainty Maid F; Dickson’s Red HT; Grande Duchess Charlotte HT; Neville Chamberlain HT

1940  Matador HT; Poinsettia HT

1939  Mme. Henri Guillot; Holstein F

1938  Charlotte E. VanDedem HT; Sterling HT; Saturnia HT

1937 Signora HT; Golden State HT; Christopher Stone HT

1936  Feu Pernet-Ducher HT

1935  Rochefort HT; Texas Centennial HT; Eclipse HT; Karen Poulsen F

1934  Luis Brinas HT

1933  Duquesa de Penaranda HT

1932  Mme. Nicolas Aussel HT

1929  Reveil Dijonnaise LCl; Julian Potin HT

1921  Mrs. George C. Thomas HMsk; Imperial Potentate HT

1920  Glendale LCl

1919  Columbia HT; Bloomfield Abundance F


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