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Gold Award Winners


2022 Celestial Night, Frida Kahlo, All Dressed Up

2021 South Africa

2020 Violet's Pride, Moonligt Romantica

2019 Wedding Bells, Crescendo

2018 Happy Go Lucky, Good As Gold

2017 Desmond Tutu, Sunny Sky

2016 Sunshine Daydream

2015 Walking on Sunshine; Sparkle & Shine; White Licorice

2014 Sugar Moon

2013  Over the Moon

2012  Whisper HT; Grande Amore HT

2011  About Face Gr; Dream Come True Gr

2010  Preference F; Strike It Rich Gr

2009  Let Freedom Ring HT; Wild Blue Yonder Gr; Moon Dance F

2008  Julia Child F; Centennial Star HT

2007  Firefighter HT; Lady Elsie May Sh

2006  Marilyn Monroe HT

2005  Day Breaker F

2004  John Cabot Cl; Octoberfest Gr

2003  Opening Night  HT; Gemini HT; Knock Out Sh

2002  Gift of Life HT; Blueberry Hill F

2001  Easy Going F; Sunset Celebration HT; Betty Boop F

2000  Karen Blixen HT; Reba McEntire Gf

1999  Artistry HT

1997  Secret; Livin’ Easy F; Savoy Hotel HT

1996  Elina; New Zealand

1995  Tabris F

1994  Sheer Elegance

1993  Sally Holmes

1992  Prima Donna Gr

1991  Maid of Honor HT

1990  Sexy Rexy F

1989  Class Act F; Playboy F

1988  Touch of Class HT; Las Vegas HT

1987  Keepsake HT

1986  Sun Flare F; The Sun F; Tony Jacklin F

1985  Olympiad HT

1984  French Lace F; Viva F

1982  Matangi F

1981  Silver Jubilee HT; Trumpeter F

1980  Bobby Charlton HT; Love Gr

1979  Liverpool Echo F; Paradise HT; Pristine HT

1978  Razzle-Dazzle F; Honor HT

1977  Evening Star F; Princess Margaret of England HT

1976  Charisma F

1975  Prominent Gr; Handel LCl

1974  Cathedral F

1973  Electron HT

1972  Medallion HT

1971  Dortmund K; Sparrieshoop S; Molly McGredy F; Paloma HT

1970  Europeana F; Ice White F; Irish Gold HT; Red Devil HT

1969  Redgold F

1968  Lady X HT

1967  Bewitched HT; Pascali HT

1966  Summer Rainbow HT; MS All-American Beauty HT; Fragrant Cloud HT

1965  Mischief HT; Orangeade F

1964  Matterhorn HT; Wendy Cussons HT; Silver Lining HT

1962  My Choice HT; Chicago Peace HT

1961  Royal Highness HT; Tropicana HT

1960  Golden Slippers F; Memoriam HT; Royal Sunset LCl

1959  El Capitan Gr; Angel Wings HT; Pink Parfait Gr

1958  Kordes Perfecta HT; Little Darling F; Sarabande F

1957  Audie Murphy HT; Burnaby HT; Golden Showers LCl; Pink Favorite HT; Montezuma Gr

1956  Special Award to Mrs. Sam McGredy HT and Mc Gredy’s Yellow HT

1955  Ena Harkness HT; Carrousel Gr; Spartan F

1954  Queen Elizabeth Gr; Tiffany HT

1953  Independence F

1951  Chrysler Imperial HT

1950  Vogue F

1949  Fashion HT

1947  Forty Niner HT

1946  Sutter’s Gold HT

1945  Rubaiyat HT

1944  Lowell Thomas HT; Peace HT

1942  Fred Edmunds HT; Pinocchio F

1941  Charlotte Armstrong HT; Heart’s Desire HT; Dainty Maid F; Dickson’s Red HT; Grande Duchess Charlotte HT; Neville Chamberlain HT

1940  Matador HT; Poinsettia HT

1939  Mme. Henri Guillot; Holstein F

1938  Charlotte E. VanDedem HT; Sterling HT; Saturnia HT

1937 Signora HT; Golden State HT; Christopher Stone HT

1936  Feu Pernet-Ducher HT

1935  Rochefort HT; Texas Centennial HT; Eclipse HT; Karen Poulsen F

1934  Luis Brinas HT

1933  Duquesa de Penaranda HT

1932  Mme. Nicolas Aussel HT

1929  Reveil Dijonnaise LCl; Julian Potin HT

1921  Mrs. George C. Thomas HMsk; Imperial Potentate HT

1920  Glendale LCl

1919  Columbia HT; Bloomfield Abundance F


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