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Every year the Portland Rose Society has an excellent Rose and General Garden Fertilizer prepared especially for members of the Portland Rose Society and their friends. Friends include anyone who really likes to see beautiful roses and other plants performing well in their gardens. The fertilizer is packaged in 20 pound bags. One 20 pound bag will fertilize 20-25 roses if used according to the directions on the bag.

The Portland Rose Society Fertilizer is a 15-10-10 formulation that contains additional macro-nutrients (sulfur, calcium) and micro-nutrients (magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc). The Portland Rose Society has been selling this product for about 15 years and it has proven to be an excellent product for roses and general garden use.

Fertilizer Ingredients and Application Information
Locations To Purchase PRS Fertilizer, PRS Price  
  • 2020 Price:  $12.00 for 20 pound bag of 15-10-10       
                      $20.00 for 20 pound bag of Organic 5-4-4 with mycorrhiza
  • Available for purchase at PRS March, April, May General Meetings at Oaks Amusement Park (see our calendar for the dates/times of these meetings)
  • Rich & Charold Baer's Home (503-246-3087)
Questions / More Information / Retail Locations
  • Call the PRS Answering Machine Service, 503-777-4311

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