President's Message
By Emily Hastings


From January 2020 Newsletter  

Happy New Year! I wish you all a fantastic 2020. With such a rainy last day of 2019, I’m hoping that this is a good omen for sunny skies during all parades next season. I finally finished my fall pruning, which took all of 20 minutes. Most of this time was spent shovel pruning a very stubborn bush. This means that I have to make the hard decision of which new rose bush to plant. If anyone has a good suggestion of a deep pink, or red rose, I’d be grateful to hear all ideas.
Since I’ve had some free time without the meetings in December, Don Wright and I have spent some time updating the website. There is an altered layout, updated content and a brand new store feature. Hopefully the changes will provide easier access and the ability to find information quickly. If you have any input or feedback, please let me know or send in a feedback form on the website. Our online store, on the “Join Today!” page, has the option to pay your dues online, join as a new member, or make a donation. All payments are hosted through PayPal, which is known for their safe and secure transactions. It is our hope that the option to pay online will makes things more convenient for our current and any new members. So please, go take a look at the website.I look forward to seeing you all at the January meeting to learn about commercial rose growing!
Ciao, Emily



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