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President's Message
By Emily Hastings


From  2021 November Newsletter  

My, oh my what a fun couple of years it has been. Serving as your President has been such an interesting experience. I remember back to the day when I got a call from the nominating committee asking if I would consider being 2nd Vice President. As most of you are familiar with our customary progression, this meant that I would go on to be 1st Vice President the next year, and President the following year. Since this was something I’d been looking forward to as I grew up, I said yes without dilly dallying around.
Now they don’t tell you that the 2nd Vice President year is going to be your most busy year throughout. From supporting at the Fall and Spring Shows to putting on Pruning Demonstrations to chairing the All-Miniature Rose Show, it is a very busy year. The 1st Vice President year is a bit less hectic as the main duty is chairing the Spring Rose Show. No small feat in and of itself, this Show takes coordination, but requires less consistent attention.
Being the President usually includes a lot of pageantry as you are the PRS representative at each festival and are involved at each of the honorary rose plantings. I got to take part in some of this over the past two years, though not quite as much as would be typical. While I enjoyed every minute of this journey, especially the pleasure of serving for two consecutive years, things have not been the same. I got to help steer the ship as we went from in-person meetings to virtual meetings and back to in-person meetings. I was able to take part in physically distanced events and a few festivals. Along the way, I have met an abundance of new friends and enjoyed the experiences to the fullest. I could not have had the years I have had without the support of my family of escorts (Laura, Matt, Paula, and Elizabeth) as well as this Rose community.

~Gach dea-ghuí, Emily





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