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President's Message
By Cheryl McClain


From 2022 May Newsletter  

Hi there PRS Members,

 Spring is here in all its glory! We are starting to see buds on the rose bushes and hope you are too. Spring has also brought the beginning of activities with the Royal Rosarians and the Rose Festival Foundation. There have been three rose plantings that I participated in with the Royal Rosarians. The first was the rededication of Lake Oswego's new City Hall on April 15th . The second was at the Blessing of the Festival the next day on April 16th. The third was a planting at the Care Oregon Boys & Girls Club in the Rockwood area of Gresham on April 22nd . So far, the rain has held off for all but the last planting.

 I want to thank everyone who attended the Blessing of the Festival at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in north Portland. The service honored the deceased members we lost this last year from the organizations that make up the Rose Festival. It was a beautiful setting for the event and we were made to feel very welcome. It turns out that this is the church Prime Minister Dwight Terry attends, so we were honored to be there for the Blessing of the Festival this year. Their musical group gave a performance that "rocked the house" with their charismatic voices and music. It certainly brought tears to my eyes! Pastor Robinson gave a wonderful presentation about his childhood recollections of the Rose Festival and his family’s yearly attendance. Since this was the first time I have ever delivered a speech, I was appreciative of everyone's kind words afterwards. For those who weren't at the event, I tried to contrast the PRS of Georgiana Pittock's time with today. The feedback seems to be that people enjoyed it. I am honored to report that one of the Royal Rosarians in attendance is a many-times great-grandson of Georgiana Pittock and requested a copy of my speech to share with the Pittock Mansion Board.

 Fertilizer sales for this year are progressing very well. Remember it will be available before and after the May meeting at Oaks Park. You can also get some by contacting the Baers or Katherine Johnson who have a supply at their homes. It is also available commercially at some of our pruning demonstration nursery partners. Now that spring is here and the soil is warming up, it's time to get the fertilizer applied to the roses so we will have lots of blooms for the Spring Show. Speaking of which, the 132nd annual Spring Rose Show will be at Lloyd Center again this year on June 9th & 10th . The show will be on the second level and circle the ice rink with the trophy table President Cheryl Water New Rose 1 April 11th Snow Editors Garden set up by the old Macy's store. I'm hoping that we will have lots of blooms to judge and that some of you who don't usually enter the show will help out by bringing your roses this year. We have lots of people to assist anyone with questions or in need of guidance, so please don't hesitate to enter. As your Editor, Rich, always says "A rose show without roses is just a bunch of empty tables". So please, please come and fill up the tables. Also, please spread the word that anyone who grows a rose outdoors, (other than commercial growers), is eligible to enter, regardless of age or PRS membership. I'm hoping that this is the year that our 8-year-old granddaughter will become interested in rose growing and hopefully she will want to enter a future show. Have a wonderful spring and a Happy Mothers' Day.

Cheryl McClain, President



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