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President's Message
By Emily Hastings


From  2021 October Newsletter  

What an eventful time of year! In July, we had the VIP honorary rose plantings for Portland Rose Festival Foundation President Dave Todd, myself, and Royal Rosarian Prime Minister Korrie Hoeckendorf. It was a lovely, sunny day with many representatives from each organization.

August was glorious and my garden was in full bloom. In between the weeks worth of teaching summer school, I was able to eat from my garden, take decent pictures of my rose blooms, and enjoy the last bit of summer before school restarted. I was able to attend Seaside's Festival of the Centennial year of the Promenade, and later that day a delightful Cocktails and Moonlight event put on by PRFF.

In September, there were a variety of events to look forward to all in one jam packed weekend. We had the first Rose Show in two years, the Rosarian installations, and the Plaque Laying Ceremony for the new Prime Minister. The Fall Rose Show took place in Washington Square Mall and was a very satisfying event. There were many entries and participants, and the mall goers loved it. It was so nice to see everyone get together again to enjoy a rose show.

Later that night, I was able to represent the Rose Society at the Prime Minister’s Ball. It was a lovely affair that honored the past prime ministers, installed the new council, and passed the torch to the new executive council. If you ever have the opportunity to go, it is a very ceremonial and enjoyable event.

The next day Rosarians and Rose Society members gathered in the Rosarian garden up in the Washington Park International Rose Test Garden for the Plaque Laying and Rose Planting Ceremonies. Prime Minister Dwight Terry’s 2022 plaque with his knighting rose, Olympiad, was unveiled. Following the unveiling, the new Rosarian rose planting team did a superb job on their first rose planting ceremony.

That fun filled weekend ended with passing out the roses from the Rose Show, breaking down the Show, and going back to reality. While we are still very careful when getting together, it is nice to be able to show everyone why we are the Rose city by putting on a Rose Show.

I hope that the ability to get together stays a possibility and we can have an in-person November meeting to install our new Board. The current Board will meet before the November meeting to ensure we are making the best choices for our Society as a whole. I wish you all a wonderful Spooktober and hope to see you virtually at this month’s meeting.


~Fericită cădere! Emily



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