President's Message
By Emily Hastings


From  2020 March Newsletter  

As winter is coming to a close, I am starting to see so many signs of spring! The Cherry Blossom trees are starting to pop, the Daffodils are bursting yellow, birds are flying overhead, and the rain has set in. Growing up, one of the questions my teachers asked was what is your favorite season. This was supposed to be an easy question that could then be turned into some sort of writing piece. However, I found it to be one of the most difficult opinion pieces that I ever had to write. I love winter because of the cold and sometimes snow. I love spring because of the sudden burst of color around me and the Rose Festival. I love summer because of the opportunities summer allows- camp, camping, no school, beach trips, and freedom from a schedule. But I also love fall for the change in colors and onset of rain. Thus, I never did give the same answer twice. I am always excited for the change in season, as it gives me a new reason to look forward to the next few months.

And these next few months are sure to provide ample opportunity to be happy! I am gearing up to prune my roses again. (Maybe it will take me 15 minutes this time.) Although the hardest part of pruning, for me, is taking the clippings to the yard debris bin and finding space. If you are not sure how to prune your roses, or just want some validation that you are doing the right thing, head over to one of the few Pruning Demonstrations left this month. Kathy Schach has gotten large turnouts at each demo so far, so go see what there is to learn and you might just walk away with a free rose bush! (subject to availability, terms and conditions may apply, not all roses are available at each demo...)


I spent some time with new friends at the Royal Rosarians’ Hearts and Roses Auction on Leap Day. This was my first time at an auction, and I certainly was not prepared for the Dessert Dash! Talk about heart pumping action. As a table, we decided our top few choices from the donated dessert table, and then based on how much money we donated for this, we were put in the line up to dash for our favorite dessert. Thankfully, Molly’s niece is quick-footed and she dashed away with a lovely German Chocolate Cake. If you have not yet been to the Rosarians’ annual auction, I highly recommend going and donating to a worthy cause.


Also, if you are interested in joining me at some of the different Festivals in the Northwest, all of the Hospitality packets are now available. It is my goal to go to as many Festivals this year as possible. Not only will this spread awareness of the Portland Rose Society, but it will be a great opportunity to find out more about the other Festival cities.


Auf Wiedersehen





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