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President's Message
By Cheryl McClain


From 2022 July Newsletter  

Hello Everyone,

Being president of the Portland Rose Society can be a lot of fun, why not consider being a larger part of the Portland Rose Society. Read about Cheryl’s adventures below. Hello Everyone,

 Since I last wrote my president’s message, things have really geared up for me as President. May brought two festivals that Gary and I attended: the first in Wenatchee for the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival and the second in Spokane for the Lilac Festival. We were treated like VIPs at both festivals, made some new friends, got to see some new scenery, and avoided rain at both plantings and parades.

 June brought, of course, the Rose Festival in all its reunioned glory this year. Gary and I participated in all three parades and the grandkids joined us for two of them. We also attended four military dinners and receptions. The most exciting one was the Coast Guard’s water rescue that they put on for their attendees. They had a live swimmer rescue a dummy from the Willamette and then the helicopter rescued the swimmer. The prop wash from the helicopter was so strong I don’t see how they can ever find anyone in the water and the dark. It was quite a sight to see and nothing like the fast rescues that they do in the movies.

 I was so honored to be an honorary knightee of the Royal Rosarians and participate in the Queen’s coronation. (OK, all I did was hand her a bouquet, but they let me stand on the stage to do it!) The knighting ceremony, the Coronation and the Queen’s Garden Party were all held at the Double Tree this year because of the rainy weather. While doing all that in the Peninsula Park Rose Garden would have made a better photo op, doing it at the hotel made for better logistics and I was very thankful to stay dry. We closed out the Rose Festival with the Prime Minister’s reception and gala. The food was great, the company was better and the music was fantastic. Gary especially enjoyed the music because they never did play a slow song. (He had promised me a dance if they did.)

 The only regret I had about all these Rose Festival events that I attended was that it kept us from spending much time at the Rose Show. I know Kathy Schach did a great job but I missed being able to be there and spend time with everybody. I did get to be there long enough to enter some roses though, watch Queen Lili open the show and escort her around our show. I also presented her and this year’s court with necklaces from the Washington Park Rose Garden Store which were produced by a lady in Lake Oswego. I was happy to be able to keep it all local.

 Since Rose Festival ended, I’ve done two more plantings. The one in Tillamook honored both their Dairy Princess and Cheryl with Knighting certificate from the Royal Rosarians Gary and Cheryl before the Gala Ball Calvin Christenson who passed away in March. His widow attended and was so honored that he was being remembered. The other one was at Cornell Estates in Hillsboro. This was the most unusual one to date for me. Since this is a retirement home and many people have mobility issues, we did the planting in an upstairs room and “planted” the roses in pots. (They promised the grounds crew would actually plant them outside that evening.) The best part was that the residents elect two queens and two ambassadors from among the residents. One of the ambassadors was so thrilled to be honored that he broke down as he spoke saying that he hadn’t expected anyone to come but friends had driven up from Corvallis and all his family was there. He wasn’t the only one with tears; most of us joined him when he said that.

 Then there was Portland’s Best Mud Pit, er, I mean Rose. Actually, it was a very nice event and it didn’t rain then. The days and night before was another very wet story though. The big hybridizer winners were Christian Bernard and Tom Carruth. Portland's Best Rose was Arctic Blue this year. Our own Michael Humphrey and Barbara Baker were recognized and surprised with awards for all their many years of service to the Portland Rose Society.

 The Royal Rosarians' Rose Garden Contest Awards were June 28th and several PRS members were winners. Dr. Charold Baer, Merrill & Karen Allen, Barbara Baker, us and several others. We've entered many times and didn't win but this year seems to be our year.

 Looking forward to the rest of summer brings some dates you won’t want to miss. Of course, Independence Day on the fourth is a big one. Even bigger are these two dates: August 6th is the Miniature Show at the Pittock Mansion and August 14th is the Portland Rose Society Picnic at Oaks Park. I’m sure there is more information in this edition of The Chatter for these two important events.

 Have a wonderful 4th of July and hope to see you at both of our events in August.

 Cheryl McClain, President



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