PRS Board Members

2016-2017 PRS Executive Board (elected August 21, 2016)
President -- Mike Humphrey 
1st Vice President -- Dr. Charold Baer 
2nd Vice President -- Joyce Hemmerling
Treasurer -- Katherine Johnson
Recording Secretary -- Karen Shewmaker
Membership Secretary -- Joana Dinu


2016-2017 PRS Appointed Board Members
Advisory Committee -- Dave Etchepare, Judy Fleck, Katherine Johnson
ARS Liaison -- Gretchen Humphrey
Attire -- Eilene Curtiss
"Chatter" Editors -- Rich & Charold Baer
Communications Director -- Joyce Himmerling
Fertilizer and Product Sales -- Bill Hettick, Matt Hastings, Mike Humphrey, Bill Himmerling
Finance Committee -- Carol Fandel, Dave Erickson, Katherine Johnson
Gold Award Garden -- Matt Hastings
Gold Award Garden Judge -- Paul Raab
Hospitality Chair -- Paula & Emily Hastings
Librarian -- Kathy Kromm
Member-At-Large -- Cheryl & Gary McClain, Sandi Decker, Kathy Schach
Parlimentarian -- Charold Baer
Portland Parks Liaison -- Harry Landers
Portland Rose Festival Foundation Liaison -- Charold Baer
Programs -- Harry Landers
Promotions, Publicity and Planning -- Carla Stenberg
Properties Managers -- Jim Wolford, Jerry Bauck, Pat Adams
Rose Show Judging Chair -- Jim Linman
Rose Show Clerks -- Jim Linman
Royal Rosarian Liaison -- Don Thacker
Rose Show Trophies --Dr. Charold Baer     
Soil Testing -- Bela Reiner
Greetings Chair -- Marika Reiner
Vendor Fair -- Joyce Hemmerling
Webmaster -- Don and Renee Wright

Other Information
Locate a Local Consulting Rosarian -- 503-777-4311
Portland Rose Society Phone Number -- 503-777-4311

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