President's Message
By Dr. Charold Baer


From August 2018 Newsletter

Happy summer! Can you believe that this was the warmest July ever! For those of us who do not do “heat” well, it has not been a comfortable time. I am so ready for fall so that I can work in the garden without getting fried. Of course, the roses love the heat, but they also are getting fried. No, that ring of dark reddish brown around that yellow bloom is not a mutation in the color, it is just fryate. That is correct. Fryate is the residual remains of the ends of a bloom that have experienced seven days of above 90 degree temperatures. And, no, I have not dyed the ends of my hair. That reddish brown color is fryate from working in the garden too long on hot, sunny days. I definitely look forward to enjoying the cool of fall.


So, when was the last time you enjoyed a truly historic part of Portland and visited the Pittock Mansion? You say that you never have, well you definitely should for obvious reasons. First, it was the home of the PRS’s founding mother, Georgiana Pittock. Second, it is the current home of the PRS All Miniature Rose Show. Third, it is an elegant structure that includes amenities that were never experienced before in residential homes in the United States. Henry Pittock was indeed a visionary and incorporated the best of what he saw on his European trips into his own home. Fourth, the PRS decorates one of the rooms for the Christmas season. See, you really must visit our friends at the mansion.

The 30th all miniature rose show on August 4th at the mansion was fun and a treat for everyone. The visitors and staff were amazed at the size and form of the roses, as well as the range of colors. The only thing that they said they missed was the fragrance. Those were the comments at the trophy table in the upstairs music room. However, after they visited the show tables in the lower room, they all agreed that there was fragrance, it just took more roses to convey the aroma. It is always very special to host a rose show in Georgiana’s home and we even acquired a new member from the staff. Please join us next year at the mansion.

I hope to see you all at the annual PRS picnic at Oaks Park on Sunday, August 19th. It is a great time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the park and the company of our rose friends, as well as to watch the past presidents grill the food. Please come and bring the whole family. Once again we will have discount ride bracelets to provide extra incentive for all of the adventure seeking kids and teenagers.

The last major event before we resume our usual PRS general meetings, is the Fall Rose Show at the Lloyd Center Mall on September 15th and 16th. Please get that on your calendar and let Show Chair, Emily Hastings, (503-545-8983), know if you want to volunteer for any specific task during the show. As usual, it promises to be a fun filled, rosy time. I eagerly anticipate seeing you all there.

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