President's Message
By Joyce Hemmerling


From November 2018 Newsletter

I am sincerely honored and privileged to have been elected to serve the Portland Rose Society as the 130th year President. I am certain that it is going to be another historic, fun-filled, rosy year.

In September, I was delighted to represent the PRS at the 2018-2019 Royal Rosarian Prime Minister’s Ball to observe Prime Minister Donald L. Thacker and Squire James Wolleck be installed. Then on the next day, I participated in the Prime Minister's plaque laying and rose planting at the Washington Park International Rose Test Garden. I also participated in a rose planting at the Portland Zoo in Packy's Rose garden.

In October, I represented the PRS at the Portland Rose Festival Foundation Fall/Annual Board meeting and helped celebrate Teri Bowles Atherton’s induction into the office of President. Teri began her term of office by announcing the theme for the 2019 Rose Festival, which is "LET’S FESTIVAL".

In addition to all of these activities, Bill and I have been trying to get the yard ready for winter. And of course, since this is a new home for us, we have been very busy making it rose bush appropriate by having two 80 foot fir trees chopped down in the back yard. Those rose bushes do prefer to see the sunlight more than just occasionally!

As we enter this joyous, sparkling season, happy holidays to all of you. Enjoy everything about this special time of the year and remember that our next meeting is in January when we will begin celebrating the 2019 rose season and the 130th anniversary of the Portland Rose Society.

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