President's Message
By Joyce Hemmerling


From March 2019 Newsletter

 Happy Spring everyone! At least I hope so, since we seem to be continuing with the winter weather. I am eagerly anticipating, like all of you, warmer weather so that I can begin dealing with my roses and other plants. For now, I just walk around shivering and murmuring BBRR! Unfortunately this weather has forced some of the events that I was asked to attend to be cancelled and rescheduled. Now my calendar is a mess because of all of the date changes. Perhaps that is just more a sign of my cluttered mind. It was nice to get some unexpected free time, however, the rescheduling is going to make for some interesting days in the future. Oh well, I always enjoy minor challenges. They make me very creative!

 Bill and I were delighted to be the guests of Prime Minister Don Thacker at the Royal Rosarian Foundation’s “Fiesta of Flowers” auction. It was such a great, uplifting, enjoyable evening. I would encourage anyone who has not attended that auction to look forward to joining us next year. There is always something for everyone at that auction.

 Do not forget to sign you and your family up for the 82nd Avenue of Roses parade on April 27th at the March 18th meeting. Join the PRS Mobil Rose Garden and have a blast entertaining the crowd with our rose photographs. Also, do not forget the Starlight Parade on June 1st in Portland and the Tillamook Dairy Days Parade on June 22nd in Tillamook. Wear your red shirt and black pants and come and have fun. We usually have great weather and terrific crowds. We also have a fun barbeque after the parade in Tillamook. These are just some of the other ways that you can continue to enjoy perpetuating the love of roses and enjoy the fun of socializing with other rose lovers.



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