President's Message
By Mike Humphrey


From August 2017 Newsletter


As I write this we are coming out of a string of unusually hot days. I hope everyone survived without too much discomfort. Here at Humphreyville our garden is doing fairly well thanks to lots of water applied often. The humans here are doing fine thanks to a trade I made a few years ago for central air conditioning.

Gretchen and I attended the Seattle Seafair. I rode in the Torchlight parade Saturday night on the Royal Rosarians float, thanks to a gracious invitation from Prime Minister Jim Stahl to join him and his First Lady Geneane. I was knighted by the Seafair Commodores as Prince of Prize Winning, Planting, and Pruning. We did a rose planting at the Seattle Center rose garden to honor Commandant Jen Gonyer-Donohue of the Seafair Commodores. Next up is a trip to Penticton, B.C., for their Peachfest Festival. I’m looking forward to this trip because I have not been to that part of the country. We attended a planting at the Zoo to honor volunteer David Klienkie who won the Packy award. 


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